Nox. Through consciousness

Augmented reality children's book is the best gift for everyone. A contemporary book takes you into the world of Nox, where you can pass all obstacles together.

Nox strangely finds himself in prison. He does not remember what has happened to him and stubbornly seeks a way out of the mysterious dungeon. One by one, difficult puzzles appear on his way. Who and why had imprisoned him? Where did Nox's love disappear?

Immerse yourself in the main character's world using augmented reality to get out of the maze of questions. Let the tale of good and love come to life for real.

Augumented Reality

The augmented reality app for reading the book about Nox allows you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the protagonist.

Point the camera of your smartphone or tablet at the page and Nox will come to life. Thanks to the app, the reader literally immerses into the picture, can observe the storyline and feel the protagonist's emotions.

What does it look like?

See what the book looks like on your desk. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then open this page on one of your devices and see what the book or Nox will look like. Augmented reality immediately in your browser. Select the model you want to look at.

Buy the book

The book about Nox with augmented reality is being published in two languages (Ukrainian and English). You can order a book online or buy in the bookstores of your city throughout Ukraine!